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Author Anant.V.Goswami

Anant is an Epic/Dark Fantasy writer who enjoys creating complex fantasy worlds filled with politics, fantasy races, kingdoms and an occasional dragon! His first series is called 'Lords of the Kings', and the first part, "The Passage of Kings", is already out.

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The first part in the 'Lords of the Kings' series, 'The Passage of Kings' begins the story with four kingdoms in the world of Aerdon, inching towards extinction. The only way to save the realm is for the kings of Aerdon to work together and finally, unite the four kingdoms into one. 

But that is easier said than done!

As politics, power and prestige take center stage in this tale of deceit and cunning, each king has a different plan for the realm, but one thing that is common to all, is that each one wants to become the king of a unified Aerdon.

Little do they know, that real power rests in the hands of the Wizard-Gods, the creators and destroyers, the Lords of the Kings. 

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